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Interview Preparation

One of the most important aspects to a medical device interview is background research on the company and products. One excellent way to prepare for interview is to speak to someone (a friend, an acquaintance or a friend of a friend) in a similar role who can give you essential insider knowledge of the practical aspects of the role. This will make you come across very well in interview. Another technique is to record yourself answering question and listen to how your answers sound. Certain roles may include a 15 minute presentation regarding a particular topic.

For medical device roles its good practice to research current company products on the their website and be in a position to discuss some of the more important products. It is also worthwhile to look at the company's R&D pipeline as this can be an interesting conversation in an interview. Try to be open and relaxed in the interview as this comes across subconsciously - similarly if you are guarded this will comes across also which can reflect negatively.Candidates cannot be overly familiar with their CV, candidates can sometimes feel that parts of their current position are routine and gloss over them. A good technique is sit down with a blank piece of paper and brainstorm their current role and write about all aspects of their position. This should leave information fresh and will trigger key words during interview process

Enthusiasm is also essential when undertaking an interview - be very conscious that if you can convey enthusiasm to the panel this will reflect on you very positively and in a market where there is usually little differences between candidates, this enthusiasm can make all the difference. Don't act enthusiastic, be enthusiastic - build yourself up mentally in the days running up to the interview, convincing yourself that this is your dream job. It will show subconsciously in the interview.

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